Homeschool Math Testimonials & Reviews

Our products have received fantastic reviews from various homeschooling families. A summary of some of those reviews is given below. If you wish to read more detailed reviews, please visit our public reviews page

Erica Beyea wrote:

I think this program is a phenomenal idea! Did you ever wonder, when teaching your children, how much has really sunk in and what they have retained? I think this program is a great way to find out if there are any areas of their math understanding that need to be addressed before moving on to the next level.

Jenni Ryan wrote:

I love being able to pinpoint the gaps we have missed. We have used similar curriculums but have still used different ones over the past years. Another benefit I love is it is automatically graded. I would recommend this program to any homeschool families that are needing to close learning gaps or just want to make sure your child is on grade level for their math programs.

Jennifer Ladewig wrote:

The instruction portion of the lessons is AMAZING!! The explanations are thorough yet simple enough for the child to understand. The interactive Q&A section was AWESOME!!! The questions reinforce the exact material taught in the instruction portion of the lesson.

Julie Brown wrote:

Both of the girls have really enjoyed A+ Interactive Math Family Math Package. I am in love with their improved attitudes about math practice and learning new concepts.

Missica Pullen wrote:

I can't tell you just how much I LOVE A+ Interactive Math! To say it has been a hit with our homeschool would be an understatement and then some! A+ Interactive Math brings to the table a fantastic, online math curriculum

Brenda Prince wrote:

Garrett asks me almost daily if we can skip English and instead do Math. My honestly overall opinion? I think we found our math curriculum. My husband and I have already sat down and discussed the fact that we will be continuing with this curriculum with our own money after that trial expires.

Leah Courtney wrote:

A+ Interactive Math has been an awesome math resource for us. The girls like the online course, and I feel good about the quality of their instruction. The lessons are clear and easy to understand, and I like the intuitive way in which concepts are presented and skills are taught. I think I've finally found a math resource that is here to stay for my younger crew.

Jennifer Altman wrote:

What I liked about this program was that it was hands off for me, this freed up time for me to work with other children or work on other things. Each lesson has an instruction, then an application. They take the lesson and then apply it.

Barbette Ferrero-Yingst wrote:

What is not to love about this product?! I found it very helpful with my student. My daughter would prefer that math was not a subject in school at all, but she seemed to enjoy using this product, and her grades showed it! This product is top notch and will be a wonderful benefit to any homeschool family, especially those with multiple children!

Laura O'Neill of Day by Day in Our World wrote:

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan from A+ Interactive Math can be that lifeline for a parent wanting to help their student overcome challenges with math. Overall, this is an excellent option for any parent who wants to help their child close learning gaps in math. I was impressed enough by the program to register as an affiliate.

Jennifer King of A �Peace� of Mind wrote:

This is a very simple, easy to use program. We quickly set up my son�s account and he was able to sign in with his own login and go straight to work. I love being able to pinpoint the gaps we have missed. With this I can see how he answered each question and where he went wrong with those that we need to go back and correct. We plan to use A+ in the future ourselves.

Jennifer Allen of Faithful Homestead wrote:

In my family, the kids fit into one of two camps: those who love math and those who don�t. A+ has been a wonderful fit for those kids who until now have never been so fond of math. When I asked their opinion, the �don�t love math kids� said they really like A+ and want to continue using it. HOORAY!!! The �love math� kids of course enjoyed it also.

Lisa M. Nehring of Golden Grasses wrote:

There is everything to love about this program - straight-forward math learning, visually clean and stimulating, challenging, personalized, attractive and incredibly affordable.

Kayla Rokosz of �Shut the Fridge� wrote:

A+ Interactive seemed to make things easy to tackle and broke them down into identifiable chunks of information. This, to me, is a completely brilliant idea for the homeschool community. Completely brilliant. Because, yes, we homeschool parents do occasionally fear that we are missing something, or not challenging the kids enough. That is why this is such a brilliant product to offer. Feeds right into the fear, but gives us a solution too.

Kara Haschke of �Home with a Purpose� wrote:

I appreciate all that�s provided, and the option to do everything on the computer or print things out according to your preferences and needs. I like the way the concepts are presented and I think the visual, multimedia presentation really helps solidify them. Not to mention, the interactive quiz gives an immediate gauge of how well the material was grasped.

Angie Wright of �Pebblekeeper� wrote:

This program delivered what it promised � I feel that Jon is ready to take and pass his 8th grade tests enough to play sports next year. We will continue to work through math topics. This program gave me the exact results I wanted.

Stacie Lewin of �Super Mommy to the Rescue� wrote:

The simplicity of this program is really nice. You set up an account so you have a parent/teacher account and then you set up your students by grade. One thing I really like about this is that you can switch between grade levels.

by Melissa Langley of �Grace Christian Homeschool� wrote:

Overall, the program is simple to use and will give you an idea what math concepts your child may have learning gaps in and I know that is always a concern for homeschool mamas.

Laura Prater of �Raising Soldiers 4 Christ� wrote:

Bookworm is getting to the age that school doesn�t �excite� him as much anymore, or so he says. LOL However, with A+ Interactive Math, he is asking to do Math! Now is that because it is online or because of the program itself? Well, I think it�s both. I am finding that some gaps that Bookworm had are able to be filled with this program and I am also finding that he is really enjoying it! I can not say enough about this program. It is laid out remarkably well for my kids!

Kemi Quinn of �Homemaking Organized� wrote:

In the parental log in you can see all the work your child has done, review each problem of their tests, and see how they are moving along on their goals. That is so cool. So I can see that my daughter is doing very well in addition but not so good in subtraction.

Keri Tidwell of �Growing in His Glory� wrote:

Excellent customer service � A curriculum can be top-notch but if I have a problem or need help and can�t get in touch with anyone from the company to answer my questions, then that curriculum is useless. The customer service at A+ Interactive Math really impressed me. I had some trouble logging in and accessing my daughter�s test and called A+ Interactive Math. Immediately, I spoke to someone who worked diligently with me until the problem was resolved. Good customer service speaks volumes for a product.

The Adaptive Placement Test has revealed gaps in my daughter�s learning that I probably never would have known existed.

Monique Gilkison of �Mountain of Grace Homeschooling� wrote:

So what did Princess P think of the Family Math Package? Well, she liked it! For a child that dreads math and struggles with it, she asked to work on it everyday. That right there says it all! She liked how the lessons were easy to understand. A+ Interactive Math's Family Math Package is extremely well done. The lessons are simple. They are very easy to understand for the student, especially for a student who may struggle with math. We found no glitches in the program. Every time we logged in, the program worked wonderfully.

Chareen Rushworth of �Every Bed of Roses� wrote:

Logging into A+ Interactive Math is super easy via their Homeschool Online Log in page. One of the things I appreciate about A+ is the ability for my student to monitor and see their own progress. As a parent I can access ALL the math and reporting for each student from one dashboard.

Gena Mayo of �I Choose Joy!� wrote:

He did enjoy doing this math curriculum. He definitely prefers learning and practicing math on the computer as opposed to any other way. I liked that the Adaptive Placement Test told me exactly where he needed more help, so we could focus on those areas in the lessons. The lessons were well presented. He understood them, and did well with the online worksheets. Even though it didn�t work well for some of my other kids, I�m glad to have A+ Interactive Math for my 8-year-old son and think it will be great for my 14-year-old son who is working his way through the Adaptive Placement Test now and my 13-year-old son who just started it today.

Amanda Hopkins of �Hopkins Homeschool� wrote:

We loved this program for what it offered. Moe Man was able to work on the areas he was lacking in, which was easier than having a box curriculum and trying to guess where he needed extra help. Ray Ray was able to us this and skip the sections he knew well (he is my math boy!). This made it more fun/interesting because he wasn�t sitting here doing the same thing over and over again when he already knew it. I have always liked the curriculum from A+ Interactive Math, and now it just got better with the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

Lisa Maynard of �Chickens, Bunnies and Homeschool� wrote:

I signed Jam up for the pre-Algebra program and Boo up for the 6th grade placement tests. They found this really easy to use and work through. They actually have been working through this completely independently. The interesting thing is that they have both been using it successfully but in completely different ways. However they have both worked on this every school day for the whole review period without being reminded that's a huge win in itself!

Steph Black of �Indy Homeschool� wrote:

I think what I appreciate most from this program is that you can change your grade level at any time in your three month subscription. I started Big Boy at fourth grade because that�s what his regular math is, but we quickly discovered he was overwhelmed by it (like I said, he�s not a math person). We were able to switch him to third grade very easily, and will be able to switch back to fourth once he feels more comfortable and has mastered all of those concepts. I also really like that we don�t have to waste time on areas that are already mastered, which can be boring for the kids.

Lisa McKinney of �Farm Fresh Adventures� wrote:

Little Britches: Well, it's not easy, but it's short. And I like that it's got short lessons and they are easy to understand AND I do better when I go back to take the test again. I would ALSO recommend it to any parent who is wondering if their child is successful in their math studies at ANY school--public and private too! I think this would be a great tutoring resource to have to bring your child up to snuff. A 3 month subscription would work perfect for helping them over the summer!

Kim Mills of �Homestead Acres� wrote:

Our children have been really enjoying using this math program! They find the instruction videos interesting and mostly easy to understand. There are sometimes I need to step in and help explain a concept. Over all this program can be largely done independently. I love that for our children who prefer to type they can do their worksheets online and for the children who would rather write answers I can print off worksheets.

Debbie Lott of �Debbie�s Homeschool Corner� wrote:

This adorable Progress Report demonstrates how close the student is to mastery of each concept. It is viewable from both the student page and the parent page. These are the results of her first assessment. The little men actually walk across the screen toward the goal when you load the page. So cute!

After 4 weeks of daily practice with A+ Individualized Lesson Plans, Emily retook the tests and made significant improvement.

Aurie Good of �Our Good Life� wrote:

Basically, the Adaptive Placement Test gave me some good indicators on where she is � solid 2nd grade math with a few areas to work on. I love that we have a few more months of the software, so I�m planning on having her re-test in 6 weeks to see if I can see a difference.

Jenn Porsche of �Treasuring Life�s Blessings� wrote:

My older ones felt this program helped fill in the gaps in areas they needed help with. Sometimes we printed the worksheets for added practice but again, I let that up to them if they felt they needed it.(again, this program was SO easy to use, hence me giving them full control). If I was using this for a full time math curriculum outside of a review (which you certainly can do and my children plan to do this going forward as they really loved it), I would've printed out the lesson plan schedule that is included as I love curriculum's that provide that!

My children's favorite part was the fact that the videos showed step by step solutions on how to solve problems. There was no "guessing" involved.�

TaMara Sloan of �Tales of a Pee Dee Mama� wrote:

One of the things I appreciated about this is that it really did help fill in some of the gaps in concepts that my girls needed more practice in. One of the twins struggles more with math than the other, so it was frustrating for her sometimes that she had to do more review while the other got to move ahead.

Rebekah Teague of �There Will Be A $5 Charge For Whining� wrote:

Because Josiah is dyslexic and also struggles with Dyscalculia he really needs resources that are uncluttered and easy to use. Josiah began the process by completing the first adaptive placement test. The tests are broken down into Units. One test is taken at a time so that the student can concentrate on one unit. Which is big stuff when your student is distracted easily.

My dashboard allowed me to manage his account, review his progress, look at student lessons and worksheets and even change grade levels. I love that I'm in charge!

Melanie Hovancik of �Our Crafts N Things� wrote:

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan from A+ Interactive Math is a great program, which I would recommend. Hailey enjoyed using it- her review of the program is, �I liked taking the quizzes and doing the lessons with the questions.� If Hailey says she likes something related to math, then it must be doing a good job of making it interesting. Not only did she enjoy it, but she improved her math skills- and definitely closed some of the gaps she had.

Renita Kuehner of �Krazy Kuehner Days� wrote:

We have enjoyed using Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc. so much, that we have already purchased the Family Math Package for the next year so that the children can continue improving in their math skills.

I have recommended Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math, Tutorsoft, Inc. to all my friends and I also recommend it to all our friends who are reading our blog also.

Brandy Brockhausen of �Kingdom Academy Homeschool� wrote:

For my son, the lessons and worksheets were very instructive, and easy to complete. By that I mean that instead of being filled with anxiety and struggling for hours, he was able to go through the lessons and complete the worksheets on his own the majority of the time. I was available (as in present in the room) for help when necessary, but really, he worked through this mostly on his own.

Crystal Cook of �Homeschool Dreams� wrote:

Lessons are interactive and animated. Boobear liked that there was someone talking to him and he liked the animations. The instructions were easy for him to understand. At the top, there is the completion date and what he scored, making it easy to see exactly how he did.

I like the program. I find it easy to use, with clear explanations and plenty of options for any kind of learner. Boobear is less enthusiastic, but that might be because it was actually challenging him and he�s lately taken to preferring to work on the whiteboard. I would recommend this program to any family who needs a bit of help with math.

Sheila Quach of �Manic Mom� wrote:

I can't even wait till the end of the Review to tell you if I like it or not. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! This program has saved me time, money, confusion, frustration and did I say time? :)

The kiddos both enjoyed the program and Mahala's exact words were, "It wasn't as Painful as I thought it was going to be"! I think we found a winner here. I would HIGHLY suggest if you have a child in the school system or you homeschool them, you should try this Placement. Just see where your child is, give them the extra foot in the door. It is very easy to use and it truly does show you where the gaps are and gives you the tools you need to FIX those gaps.

Adena Foster of �Adena F� wrote:

We�ve been fans of A+ Interactive Math for several years. All of my kids have used their curriculum at one point or another.

I think this is a complete, well-rounded math curriculum. I would highly suggest the Family Math Package for students that have gaps (as we did some) or if you have a high motivated student or one in between grade levels. The biggest drawback for me with online programs is I don�t like my kids spending too much too online or when our internet is unreliable (we live in a somewhat rural area with bad internet service); however, with the option to print out the work and enter the grades manually, you can have the best of both options.

Kathy Balman wrote:

Well we love A+ TutorSoft plain and simple. A+ TutorSoft is a multi-sensory curriculum that incorporates audio, visual and text. It engages children and makes learning math fun instead of boring and scary.

Alicia Helsley wrote:

Helped to reinforce his excitement for working with the program.

Erin Slocum wrote:

This was his new favorite thing in the world!


My son had a great time using this. He didn't beg me to stop with math.

The Vintage Mommy wrote:

Nothing makes my heart smile more than hearing my girls enjoy learning!


Aidan truly enjoyed working his math on the computer and I will begin to use this program with my youngest son in the future as well.

Dianna Auton wrote:

She quickly found herself breezing through the lessons and quizzes.

Jalenagraham wrote:

We both really liked the colorful presentation of the on-screen lessons as well as the encouragement that kept it positive throughout with "Good job" being exclaimed from the program often.

Jalenagraham wrote:

"I also love that once it is loaded on the computer, there is no need to re-load or look for the actual CD. It's there and ready to go" :

Michele wrote:

"I am King of the numbers! haha Because this curriculum uses auditory, visual and kinetic learning, it is able to appeal to a variety of kids' learning styles." :

Samantha Massey wrote:

"My 2nd grader has been able to work at her own pace at this which she loves." :

Rebekah wrote:

"This is the perfect curriculum for those who long for an easy answer to their math woes." :

Jennifer O'Marrah wrote:

"My son and I both agree that the Multimedia Lessons was one of our favorite portions of the program." :


"I was impressed with the functionality of this product. The interactive graphics were cute, but did not distract from the lesson. There was minimal teacher preparation required, which appealed to me as a busy mom." :


"I also really like that when a problem is missed in the interactive question and answer session, the program shows step-by-step how to work the problem and how the correct answer can be found." :

Heather wrote:

"We will be sticking with this curriculum for the rest of the year. We have already worked through several learning gaps that my daughter had, and she is moving forward better than expected." :

homeschool101 wrote:

"I don't have to sit and explain everything because this program walks them step by step through what they are doing. "

Wendy62 wrote:

"I like the ease of the program, and the fact that Little Bit could work mostly independently." :

The Bertone's wrote:

"Before A+ Interactive Math, we were struggling with math." :

Laura wrote:

"Unlike many traditional math programs, A+ TutorSoft, Inc. gives children a completely multi-sensory experience." :

Laura wrote:

"They transitioned to the new program seamlessly and (spoiler alert!) we plan to continue with it through and past 3rd grade." :

Laura wrote:

"Truly, this math software takes all of the guesswork out of math: lessons, lesson plans, eText, worksheets, and tests. It's all here." :


"Overall, this program gives "The Artist" the structure he needs for learning math, and allows the Parent/Teacher to set the pace of the course. We intend to continue on with A+ Interactive MATH in the future.":

Hope Jackson wrote:

"I love the interactive features of A+ Interactive MATH, the detailed answer keys and the clear, precise presentation of lessons using the virtual teacher" :


"I have seen her self-confidence grow and her ability be stretched. I really feel that this program has enriched her math understanding and helped her to gain a better understanding of the "why" of math and not just the "how"." :

Leah Mathis wrote:

"Throughout the lesson, there would be opportunities to observe the concept through instruction as well as application." :

Lisa wrote:

"To say that I am impressed is an understatement. The program is complete, not a supplemental add-on." :

Lisa wrote:

"The lessons kept my daughter's attention and the interactive Q and A afterwards reinforced the material and kept her interested and engaged."

Becca Carrol wrote:

"One thing I really love about the lessons, is that they are read out loud to the student. Issac, my 4th grade son, LOVES this feature because he hates having to read himself. The audio is very clear and easy to understand, which is another plus." :

Becca Carrol wrote:

"In case you haven't guessed, I'm in LOVE with this Math program. It has a LOT of great features that are easy to use, and for me, makes Math easy to teach and fun!":

Susan Raber wrote:

"We have quickly and easily adapted to a regular schedule with A+ Tutorsoft MATH each morning. Kenny is very comfortable with it, and is progressing quickly. " :

Beth Morris wrote:

"It is thorough and does a great job of teaching math. It makes my job easier and gives me more time to work with my younger children." :


"He turned around and said: Mom, this is actually really cool! A+ Interactive Math is a keeper." :

Jen wrote:

"This program was a perfect fit for our family. We have so many different learning styles here I think we have it all covered."

Deborah wrote:

"We really enjoyed doing the maths online. The explanations were quite clear and easy to follow. I never had to worry about planning either. It was all there, all done for me." :

A Learning Journey wrote:

"I have seen many online math curricula and this one meets and exceeds many standards where others often fail. I recommend this curriculum for public school teachers, all principals, private school teachers, and home educators." :

Kara wrote:

"I'm really impressed with the content! I appreciate all that's provided, and the option to do everything on the computer or print things out according to your preferences and needs." ;

kewkew wrote:

"All in all this has been a wonderful curriculum and we continue to work through it." :


"she tried it and eventually liked it. Now she looks for it as part of her daily to-do list. She doesn't hate Math anymore." :

Emilee wrote:

"The lesson plan was nicely laid out and easy to follow. A+ Tutorsoft is definitely a thorough online Math program and is good for learners that enjoy computer time and gives you plenty of options for those that prefer physical worksheets with the ability to still track everything online!" :


"The tech support is very efficient and quick." :

MommyKuehner wrote:

"We have been using the homeschool online program with Lydia, and she is doing awesome with this!!! I am so excited at how well she has been doing." :


"My experience with A+ TutorSoft was a testament to me of the importance of finding the right curriculum for your child's learning style. Being able to adjust and cater to my child's needs is a HUGE plus." :

Lori wrote:

"I love the interaction portion of the lesson. The audible instruction is pleasant and pretty clear and the visual examples do enhance the lesson quite a bit." :


"We have really enjoyed using A+ Tutorsoft. And I mean that strongly. It has made math painless and fun." :

Nicole wrote:

"I knew that my two kids learned things in different ways, and had their own preferences. A+ Interactive MATH allowed them to each learn the same material but in the way that suited them best!" :

Nicole wrote:

"The thing I liked best about the program is that I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! The material was taught to them in an easily understood fashion, with lots of examples given. So far, I haven't had to teach multiplication (remember, the thing I was dreading?)! A+ Tutorsoft, Inc., has been doing it for me!" :

Tawnee wrote:

"The student management was easy and the grading is a great feature. We liked the flexibility to use online or use printables." :

Candy Foote wrote:

"I love the fact that this program uses audios, visuals, and text to teach each lesson. This really helped our family to understand the whys behind the problems." :


"We have used many different math programs but this I have to say has been far the best one we have used." :

Lindsey Clair wrote:

"For her to ask if she can go online to use the program is such a joy. I honestly wish I had something like this during my elementary years as I hated math." :

Renata wrote:

"After using it for 6 weeks now I can confidently say that A+ Interactive MATH is the best thing that has happened to Ellie's mathematics education" :

The Vintage Mommy wrote:

"It is thorough, builds skills logically, and reviews concepts for the students when they don't quite get something." :


"The interactive animated format is highly engaging, and the lessons short enough so the child doesn't lose focus." :

Kathy Balman wrote:

"I have a 7 yr old son with PDD-NOS and Sensory Processing Disorder. I have used several programs for teaching him math but couldn't find one that worked the way we needed. I came across A+ Interactive Math for my son. My son said "It makes learning math fun!" :