Algebra 1 (8th Grade Math) Curriculum Bundle - Textbook and Workbook (printed b&w)

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Get this Algebra 1 (8th grade) Curriculum textbook and a workbook bundle and SAVE MONEY!
You get it all:
1. Textbook - Lessons
2. Workbook - Worksheets w/ Answer Keys


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Product Description

This curriculum bundle includes a printed Textbook and a Workbook.

The Curriculum Textbook is a comprehensive math curriculum book for the Algebra 1 (8th grade math). It contains easy to understand and fun math lessons that teach various math concepts with appropriate visuals and text. It is a 598 pages printed textbook (B&W) with excellent visuals that help your students understand math concepts clearly.

The Curriculum Textbook offers the following key features:
* Quick reference guide with easy access to facts and formulas.
* Concise and "to-the-point" lessons that explain math concepts.
* Demonstration of concepts with sample problems to ensure your student fully understands how to apply concepts to real world math problems.

The Workbook (Worksheets, Chapter Tests and Answer Keys) includes 134 worksheets, 15 chapter tests and answer keys. The Workbook contains worksheets for each lesson in the curriculum book and test for each chapter along with the answer keys. Each problem provides enough working space where students can document the steps they follow to arrive at the answers. It allows your student to practice problem solving to master various math concepts that build a solid foundation in math that you can count on.

The main subject areas covered in this book are:
Chapter 1. Basics Review
Chapter 1.1 Understanding the Numbers
Chapter 1.2 Fractions
Chapter 1.3 Basic Real Number Operations
Chapter 1.4 Exponents
Chapter 1.5 Rates and Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 2. Variables and Operations with Variables
Chapter 3. Expressions, Equations and Formulas
Chapter 4. Graphing Relations and Functions
Chapter 5. Linear Equations
Chapter 6. Solving Linear Inequalities
Chapter 7. Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 8. Polynomials
Chapter 9. Factoring
Chapter 10. Quadratic Equations and Functions
Chapter 11. Radical Expressions and Triangles

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