Pre-Algebra - Quick Reference Guide (eBook)

Supplier: A+ TutorSoft Inc.
Product SKU: pre-alg-ref-guide

This quick reference guide contains all major facts, tables and formulas for the Math concepts covered in the Pre-Algebra class.


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Product Description

It contains quick reference related to the following core Math concepts:
* Number Types
* Fractions
* Percentages
* Operations with Fractions
* Number Line
* Properties of Real Numbers
* Order of Operations
* Ratios and Proportions
* Exponents
* Rules of Exponents
* Squares and Square Roots
* Cubes and Cube Roots
* Variables, Expressions and Equations
* The Coordinate Plane
* Linear Equations
* Slope
* Parallel Lines
* Quadratic Equations
* Properties of Inequality
* Monomials and Polynomials
* Triangles
* Pythagorean Theorem
* Trigonometric Functions
* Measuring Angles in Radians

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