2nd Grade Math - Quick Reference Guide (eBook)

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This quick reference guide contains all major facts, tables and formulas for the Math concepts covered in the 2nd grade Math.


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Product Description

It contains quick reference related to the following core Math concepts:
* Hundreds chart with numerical and word-form of a number
* Numbers chart to 1000
* Number Line to 20
* Number Types
* Even and Odd Numbers
* Place Values and Number Combinations
* Comparison Signs
* Addition and Commutative, Associative and Additive Identity Property of Addition
* Addition Table
* Subtraction and Identity Property of Subtraction
* Fact Families
* Subtraction Table
* Multiplication
* Multiplication in Relation to Addition
* Multiplication Table
* Multiplication Tricks
* Division
* Division in relation to subtraction
* Rounding
* Fractions
* Time Chart - Days, Months and Seasons
* The Month Poem
* Units of Time
* Telling Time
* Money
* Charts, Tables and Graphs
* Geometry and Basic Shapes
* Algebra - Patterns, Expressions and Equations
* Measurements - US and Metric System with Common Units of Measurement

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