2 Students - Math Placement Test w/ Lessons (3 Months, 1st - 6th Grade & Pre-Algebra)

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Are you concerned that your students may have learning gaps in Math? Identify and close learning gaps in Math with one simple tool!

This program identifies learning gaps quickly and accurately using a "multi grade level" testing by automatically adjusting questions based on student's answers for each major math concept. It focuses on "one concept" area at a time. It is flexible where students can take a single mini test and focus on closing learning gaps (if any) for that selected concept or take multiple mini tests over a period of time and then work through the lesson plan to learn and close learning gaps.


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Product Description

How does it work? This is an online (internet-based) program, where
1. Student takes a "mini test" for each major concept to identify current skill level.
2. Program then creates an "individualized" lesson plan which includes everything you need.
3. Student follows an "individualized" lesson plan and you see various reports that measure progress as student masters various skills and closes learning gaps.

Our all NEW "Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan" is designed to help you identify and close learning gaps in just 3-months or less. It administers a series of "mini tests" to identify learning gaps for all major math concepts. It then creates an "individualized" lesson plan that includes everything you need to close the learning gaps!
1. Colorful, engaging and fun multi-media lessons that teach math concepts using audio, visuals and text.
2. Interactive Review for each lesson identifies and closes learning gaps by automatically re-teaching math concept if student provides an incorrect answer to any questions.
3. Worksheets to apply math concept and practice problem solving with automatic grading and tracking.
4. Various reports to measure student progress.

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