3rd Grade Math Workbook (printed b&w) - 130 Worksheets, 15 Chapter Tests & Answer Keys (490 pages)

Supplier: A+ TutorSoft Inc.
Product SKU: 3rd-grade-workbook

Comprehensive practice set with 490 pages, 130 worksheets, 15 chapter tests, and answer keys. The worksheets provide practice to build a strong foundation in math that you can count on. The answer key for each problem on the worksheets and exams is also provided.


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Product Description

The math concepts covered in this book are:
Chapter 1. Basic Number Sense
Chapter 2. Addition
Chapter 3. Subtraction
Chapter 4. Multiplication
Chapter 5. Division
Chapter 6. Decimal Numbers
Chapter 7. Fractions and Basic Operations with Fractions
Chapter 8. Math Operations Using a Calculator
Chapter 9. Basic Graphs
Chapter 10. Time and Money
Chapter 11. Measurements
Chapter 12. Algebra
Chapter 13. Geometry
Chapter 14. Basic Probability
Chapter 15. Word Problems and Problem Solving

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