Algebra 1 (8th/9th Grade) Workbook (printed b&w) - 135 Worksheets, 15 Chapter Tests & Answer Keys

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Comprehensive practice set with 604 page, 135 worksheets, 15 chapter tests, and answer keys. The worksheets provide practice to build a strong foundation in math that you can count on. The answer key for each problem on the worksheets and exams is also provided.


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Product Description

The math concepts covered in this workbook are:
Chapter 1. Basics Review
* Chapter 1.1 Numbers Review
* Chapter 1.2 Fractions Review
* Chapter 1.3 Real Number Operations
* Chapter 1.4 Exponents
Chapter 1.5 Ratios, Rates, Proportions & Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 2. Variables and Operations with Variables
Chapter 3. Expressions, Equations and Formulas
Chapter 4. Graphing Relations and Functions
Chapter 5. Linear Equations
Chapter 6. Solving Linear Inequalities
Chapter 7. Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 8. Polynomials
Chapter 9. Factoring
Chapter 10. Quadratic Equations and Functions
Chapter 11. Radical Expressions and Triangles

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