5th Grade Math Curriculum Online (1 yr) - Curriculum eBook, Worksheets and Tests, Auto Grading N Tracking, Homeschooling or Classroom

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Are you on a very tight homeschool budget? Are you looking for a comprehensive math curriculum with automatic grading N tracking to save you time? Then, this complete 5th grade math curriculum is for you with lessons eBook (PDF), Worksheets & Tests, Step-by-step solutions, Automatic Grading N Tracking, and much more.. The video lessons are NOT included but can be added at a later time for a small fee.


Product Description

This is the least expensive and most comprehensive curriculum that can save you 2 to 6 hours of your time each week.
* Perfect for Homeschoolers or classroom.
* The PDF lessons with worksheets, tests and solution guides make this a complete and only math curriculum you will need.
* You can SAVE 2 to 6 hours each week - this program creates, automatically grades and tracks worksheets and test for you so you DON'T have to.
* Solution steps are also provided so students can check their own work - you don't have to show students how to arrive at the final answer. It's ALL DONE for you.
* This is the cheapest math curriculum you will find that does most of the work for you!
* The PDF lessons are fun, engaging and easy to understand. Worksheets and tests are clearly aligned to specific lessons students ought to learn in each grade level.

Curriculum Highlights:
* PDF Lessons (NO video Lessons)
* Worksheets & Tests (online or print PDF)
* Step-by-Step Solution to each problem
* Automatic Grading & Tracking
* Students complete worksheets online or offline (print PDF)
* Use the worksheets & tests already generated for you or generate new ones
* Generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional)
* Easy to read reports
* Plenty of practice to master math concepts

This curriculum covers:
Chapter 1. Basics Numbers
Chapter 2. Basic Number Operations Review
Chapter 2.1 Addition
Chapter 2.2 Subtraction
Chapter 2.3 Multiplication
Chapter 2.4 Division
Chapter 3. Fractions
Chapter 4. Operations with Fractions
Chapter 5. Number Comparison
Chapter 6. Percentages
Chapter 7. Math in Everyday Life
Chapter 8. Measurements and Conversions
Chapter 9. Geometry - Angles
Chapter 10. Geometry - Basic Shapes and Solids
Chapter 11. Geometry - Working with Shapes and Solids
Chapter 12. Algebra - Variables, Expressions, and Equations
Chapter 13. Algebraic Operations
Chapter 14. Algebra - Coordinate Plane and First Quadrant
Chapter 15. Graphs - Collecting and Displaying Data
Chapter 16. Probability

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