6th Grade Math Workbook (eBook) - 526 Pages, 129 Worksheets, 18 Chapter Tests & Answer Keys

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Comprehensive practice set with 526 pages, 129 worksheets, 18 chapter tests, and answer keys. The worksheets provide practice to build a strong foundation in math that you can count on. The answer key for each problem on the worksheets and exams is also provided.


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Product Description

The specific topics covered are,
Chapter 1. Fractions, Decimal Numbers and Percentages
* Chapter 1.1 Converting Fractions, Decimal Numbers & Percents
* Chapter 1.2 Operations with Fractions and Decimal Numbers
* Chapter 1.3 Operations with Mixed Numbers
* Chapter 1.4 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals in Everyday Life
Chapter 2. Positive and Negative Numbers
Chapter 3. The Number Line and Absolute Value
Chapter 4. Ratios and Proportions
Chapter 5. Exponents, Roots and Scientific Notation
Chapter 6. Algebra - Variables
Chapter 7. Algebra - Real Numbers
Chapter 8. Algebra - The Coordinate Plane
Chapter 9. Algebra - Linear Equations and Formulas
Chapter 10. Geometry - Angles and Polygons
Chapter 11. Geometry - Circles and Solid Shapes
Chapter 12. Measurements and Conversions
Chapter 13. Graphs - Collecting and Displaying Data
Chapter 14. Basic Statistics
Chapter 15. Probability

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